It's Time To Move On...


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  • Diana Zamayoa
    Diana Zamayoa  14 less than a minute back

    I’m really excited and happy for you moving forward. I related so much to this video, it made me see that I’m not alone and now I feel motivated and thank you. You deserve to enjoy your life as fully as you can.

    I can’t wait to see what is coming for you guys, greetings from N.L, Mexico.

    • Geopardd
      Geopardd  2 minutes back


      • jianna lmao
        jianna lmao  3 minutes back

        the content we subscribed for is not video machine ethan and grayson, who are lost and hurt and living their lives for us. we subscribed to watch you grow, and be human, and take time off to grieve and be the son's your mother needs. if your subscribers now are the type of people to leave and not care about you or your mental health just because you take time off, you don't want those types of people watching you anyways. your real, genuine fans are always here for you, just in the way you're here for us. take your time and live your lives. you're too young to have the pressure of letting people down just because you're taking time for yourself on your shoulders. be nineteen for as long as you can. and stay strong. we all love and support you no matter what. ❤️

        • Ana Olivera
          Ana Olivera  3 minutes back

          I didn't follow you guys at all but I am also excited now for your future :)

          • cassiedarlyn
            cassiedarlyn  5 minutes back

            Guys.. I think it would be fun if y’all did a follow us around our hometown type video. So if y’all are home making memories with your family, you can still work a little too. I think it’ll be nice to watch y’all transition into more adult rolls. Shane, bunny and Jenna are great examples. They have large audiences of all ages. You can too 😁

            • Miguel Corona
              Miguel Corona  14 minutes back

              first world white problems

              • Sam West
                Sam West  17 minutes back

                So I don’t really watch them. Are they quitting YouTube or just making separate Channels?

                • Ashlei A. Sweets
                  Ashlei A. Sweets  20 minutes back

                  Continue to take care of yourselves.

                  • kha_
                    kha_  20 minutes back

                    I still don't get the concept of this video

                    • Alina 353
                      Alina 353  23 minutes back


                      • Ganna Shady
                        Ganna Shady  23 minutes back

                        We really appreciate you guys always thinking about us😭😢❤️

                        • Alyssa Williams
                          Alyssa Williams  24 minutes back

                          i can completely relate i lost my uncle and dad within 10-5 years radius and it’s completely hard to understand why it had to happen but i love that you all are trying to
                          focus on you’re selves first now 🥺

                          • •Ayy•
                            •Ayy•  25 minutes back

                            in your life there's no one more important than yourself. Take your time guys, stay strong 💪❤️

                            • Jolie Torrens
                              Jolie Torrens  29 minutes back

                              the twins : “this is our last intro on this purple couch, with all the lights”
                              me : *jaw drops and soup pours out of me mouth*

                              • Samantha Holder
                                Samantha Holder  33 minutes back

                                , last year when I was 18, barely turned 18, on October 6th, my dad was killed in a hit and run right on October 27th infront of our house on his dirtbike. During this time we weren't talking and my whole family was fighting with him. He wasnt the nicest person at all which sucked because he died in a bad place in his life. Going through the holidays without him was the hardest thing for all of us to do. Today I still have dreams that hes there and I wake up and hes gone. I just turned 19 and I fully understand what losing a parent feels like. Even tho my father and I weren't close at all, losing a parent still hurts. So I understand.

                                • ribidimi
                                  ribidimi  35 minutes back

                                  your laugh makes me happy guys!

                                  • Dancing Vocal King Haechan
                                    Dancing Vocal King Haechan  36 minutes back

                                    The twins keep talking about having a younger demographic but they should know they have a wide range of people that are genuinely rooting for them cuz they’re so sweet and wonderful 💕

                                    • Ella-Marie Asaam
                                      Ella-Marie Asaam  36 minutes back

                                      I was just watching this video peacefully and then I suddenly realised- its an hour...its Shane OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE A DAMN HOUR

                                      • ribidimi
                                        ribidimi  36 minutes back

                                        no wonder this world is so shitty. no one in the comment section cares about the dolan twins. just trying to comment funny shit for likes

                                        • Alina 353
                                          Alina 353  42 minutes back

                                          Why do they look different cus Grayson is wearing black and Ethan is wearing white...

                                          • Valacia& Savann
                                            Valacia& Savann  44 minutes back

                                            Rumple still skin who😭😭

                                            • darlene senisse
                                              darlene senisse  45 minutes back

                                              so precious, and so proud of you guys. truly deserve it all

                                              • Amira Hasan
                                                Amira Hasan  56 minutes back

                                                Now go and explore the world and spend time with family ♥️

                                                • Angela Hetrick
                                                  Angela Hetrick  1 hours back

                                                  I’ve been considering subscribing for a long time, this video finally made me decide to do it. Take however long you need to process losing your dad, I lost my stepmom who sad been around basically my whole life when I was 18 and it was awful, but healing is important to figure out.

                                                  • Syrina Vann
                                                    Syrina Vann  1 hours back

                                                    Shane is a huge clickbait for me. Lmao

                                                    • Destinee Robynn
                                                      Destinee Robynn  1 hours back

                                                      I know they’re probably not going to read this, I actually first saw them in their video with Jeffree and I saw this because I love Shane. But I can tell them from my personal experience Shane can go months with not updating a video, and it may suck because you know I like watching the videos but then when he posts on twitter or YouTube that he’s going to post I get excited and I can’t wait. The same with Jeffree he can go weeks with not posting a video, but he’ll be on Twitter or SnapChat and I can deal with that. Take care of your personal health first and don’t be afraid of posting about your selves and your mental health. People will connect with that on a deeper more personal level.

                                                      • Isabella Cano-Hoyos
                                                        Isabella Cano-Hoyos  1 hours back

                                                        I love seeing the real side of you guys, it helps more people feel connected and helps more people out. Like I love your funny videos but I am so much more excited for what you guys will bring in the future. Take whatever time you need, and don't feel guilty. ;)

                                                        • Zoë Fey
                                                          Zoë Fey  1 hours back

                                                          Why do these nineteen year old boys seem like they’re tired twenty three year olds sheesh. They deserve to take a break dang

                                                          • peacechickification
                                                            peacechickification  1 hours back

                                                            I gotta say- I’m so proud of you guys, and I think that this will work for you in so many different ways. I like you two but found I didn’t watch a ton of your videos because it seemed systematic, and honestly by marking this transition with this video is brilliant, both from a personal and professional stand point.
                                                            I’m excited to see your future videos, as well as the humans you’ll become when you let yourselves be you! Much love, take care.

                                                            • enxhi doda
                                                              enxhi doda  1 hours back

                                                              What happened

                                                              • Lauren Godin
                                                                Lauren Godin  2 hours back

                                                                Shane is YouTube dad

                                                                • Wdw fan Marais Besson 0903

                                                                  Your happiness does matter post when u want to or you could never post again and I’ll be completely fine with it because I’ll know you are taking time off for your own well being I don’t want you to be faking being happy I want you to actually be happy love you no matter what!!❤️❤️😍👍🏻

                                                                  • Angel Gonzales
                                                                    Angel Gonzales  2 hours back

                                                                    My dad passed away 2 weeks ago and I feel like it’s a nightmare I’m suppose to wake up from but can’t. Seeing him just laying there freaking killed me. So seeing y’all going through this and how y’all handle it makes me feel less alone and I’m not just going crazy. I live half way across the country and I had to see family I haven’t seen in months and I gave them 4 days because I had to go back to work and I felt so bad about it. My therapist said going back into your routine can help ease the pain. I just feel like I’m in pain all the time no matter what I do.. so I’m glad I found y’all so I’m not alone on this sad scary journey. Sending y’all prayers for strength and healing! 💖

                                                                    • Feyre Archeron
                                                                      Feyre Archeron  2 hours back

                                                                      Grayson and Ethan, you both have been such a blessing to your Youtube community these past 5 years, but I do agree with you both that you should start thinking about yourselves and your family. Take a break or stop or don't post as much, those won't matter because either way, you will know that all of us who support the decisions you make will always understand why you are doing these things. You guys are realizing what it is that you need to do and the most important part is that you guys are finally taking the steps to make the changes that you need to make. Family is important, your futures are important, your guys' happiness is what is important. It breaks my heart to know that you guys have gone through all that you have...I want you guys to be happy in whatever it is that you choose to do. I wish you both the best for your family and for your future. It's time to grow and to think about yourselves and those you care about.

                                                                      • Gaming W/ Gigi
                                                                        Gaming W/ Gigi  2 hours back

                                                                        I understand when they were talking about a parent I was 11 when my mom died

                                                                        • Allison Arnold
                                                                          Allison Arnold  2 hours back

                                                                          You know I recently kind of got bored with this channel because I am a very long time viewer and I recognized how they weren’t in it anymore and I just watched this whole video without skipping or stopping it and I’m so excited for the future💕

                                                                          • Bisan Amra
                                                                            Bisan Amra  2 hours back

                                                                            i cant stop crying

                                                                            • Anna Reitsam
                                                                              Anna Reitsam  2 hours back

                                                                              Who dislikes this video I mean you should be supportive because they just told the truth about everything and they just want to change somethings ?

                                                                              • chito basco
                                                                                chito basco  2 hours back

                                                                                I feel sorry and made me sad when i hear every words that comes to both of you guys, if there anything that i can help i think you need to look back and find your happiness and love to do when there's no need to fake the emotions/personality and when the times come that you found your happiness and love to do just grab it don't ever loose that chance. What ever your decision if want to quit of being a youtuber and live a life that you want to be. There's always a people around you would be happy when you achived what you want to be and some would not. Don't forget on your 10 million subscribers, there's a million of people that keeps inspiring in your videos and I'am one of them.

                                                                                God Bless guys 🙏☝

                                                                                • ava rolen
                                                                                  ava rolen  2 hours back

                                                                                  when Ethan started to cry I did too :(

                                                                                  • Teagan_ S&C
                                                                                    Teagan_ S&C  2 hours back

                                                                                    I'm the same as Ethan I can't cry infront of people like no matter what I just can't I have to be alone otherwise it won't come out, and this has really touched me with the dad, I didn't loose my dad fully but I lost the dad I grew up knowing and having. Also everything they just say about how they feel about things in this video I relate to, I'm glad you where able to post this you've both come a long way and love you both, love you all reading this ❤❤xx

                                                                                    • Taina Fuentes
                                                                                      Taina Fuentes  2 hours back

                                                                                      Love this ❤️ recognize ✨

                                                                                      • No one
                                                                                        No one  2 hours back

                                                                                        Can someone do a summary I don’t have an hour to watch this

                                                                                        • WinterCamryn
                                                                                          WinterCamryn  2 hours back

                                                                                          Hearing comments from the twins like "realizing how many people I could've helped" and "sacrifice my own happiness just to cheer up somebody else"

                                                                                          Baby BOYS... HELP YOURSELVES. Bless your hearts

                                                                                          • XxHawaiiKawaiiXx Gacha
                                                                                            XxHawaiiKawaiiXx Gacha  2 hours back

                                                                                            ethan and grayson i didn't know you had a triplet better watch it to see the grayson

                                                                                            • Doris Stevenson
                                                                                              Doris Stevenson  2 hours back

                                                                                              You two boys do you. Your channel will be fine. We all love you 🥰🤩💗😉💞

                                                                                              • Sally Girl
                                                                                                Sally Girl  2 hours back

                                                                                                This is my favourite video from you guys ❤️

                                                                                                • Tebbie _19
                                                                                                  Tebbie _19  2 hours back

                                                                                                  Shane may be 31 but he has so much wisdom for that age.. ❤️❤️